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Shekel Tower, 168 Jabotinsky St. Bnei Brak, telephone: 03-5704860

You will no longer need to hire employees for short periods according to the state of the market or the status of your projects. We will provide you with the technological solutions you need according to the timetables specified, with no obligation to long-term employment.

Smart employment       

Do you have a huge overload in your company? We, at i-rox, are the right place for you! i-rox will provide your employees the time to focus on youre Core Business. i-rox will develop your management and auxiliary systems. This will be done with fully maintaining perfect product quality and meeting timetables, so as to achieve double success on both fronts.

Free your expensive resources

The development cost is significantly lower with i-rox, even in comparison to the cost of hiring programmers at your company.

30% saving in personnel costs

i-rox’s expertise and up-to-date knowhow in a variety of innovative software technologies, its cumulative knowledge and experience will assist you – the client – in your ongoing technological challenges.

Technological specialization

And finally – national pride. This may sound corny and archaic, but it is 100% true: you are indirectly making a contribution to Israeli society. Employing ultra-orthodox women, making them a part of the country’s work force, and exposing them to the modern world – are of paramount importance in Israel’s current polarized society.


And of course, you are supporting local Israeli development, rather than looking overseas.