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Development Outsourcing


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I-rox developed a unique model for recruiting the most outstanding programmers in the market, and built a unique project management methodology  to enable our customers to benefit from exceptional  software development services


Results count! Most of our customers have evolved from occasional clients to long-term customers who see i-rox as a business partner committed to attaining the best results.


Development Outsourcing

I-rox’s expertise and top level technology knowledge in a variety of  technologies, and its deep experience will assist you – the client – in your ongoing technological challenges.

irox will provide you the ability to expand your teams with expert programmers that together deliver perfect products.

This is done by smart, efficient and precise management, with the flexibility to increaseor decrease the team size as required

The development cost is significantly lower with i-rox compared to the cost of employing programmers in your company.


Batzi Tzur
Ruti Margalit
Founder & Co-CEO
Yehuda Margalit
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